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  • What does Chem-Dry mean? Its about the Chemistry NOT Chemicals. Our cleaning system is low moisture, so carpets and upholstery are dry and ready to use again within hours – not days)
  • Is it a dry system? – its a low-moisture system, so the carpets and fabrics are damp rather than wet. As it is low moisture, carpets and upholstery are dry and ready to use again within hours – not days
  • Is it safe for my dog / cat / baby / goldfish / toddler/ Granny etc etc. – Yes, absolutely! Our unique, patented solution “The Natural” is hypoallergenic, completely safe and non-toxic, so it is fine around babies, children, pets and people with allergies.
  • Are there any harmful side effects that I need to know about? – Not at all …. except the glare from the bright, clean carpets and fabrics ….! You may want to have your sunglasses handy!
  • What guarantee can you give me about the protective treatment? How long will it last for example, and will it stop all spillages from staining? …
  • What guarantee do you give with your cleaning? – Based on realistic expectations, if you are not delighted with the cleaning we’ve done for you we will put it right or refund your money)

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  • The Fastest Results

    Our unique, formula ensures the fastest possible drying time.

  • Total Satisfaction

    We will give you total satisfaction or your money back, guaranteed! When technican is there.

  • No Sweat

    We will move your moveable furniture where possible and carefully put it back when we've finished.

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